Out Posts and a Look Out Posts(LOPs)
Besides five Police Stations in the district, there are four Out Posts(OPs) and one Look Out Post(LOP)
  • OP Chowra
  • OP Machachua
  • OP Afra Bay
  • OP Gandhi Nagar
  • LOP Tilongchoung

SDPO Car Nicobar supervises the functioning of :
  • PS Car Nicobar
  • PS Nancowrie
  • LOP Tilongchoung [ ]
  •       LOP Tillang Chang is situated at about 35 NM away in the North East Direction of Kamorta under the jurisdiction of PS Nancowry. The need to have an LOP at this isolated and uninhabited island arose because of the threat of infiltration from foreign intruders and poachers. This LOP is accessible only by means of water transport and is manned by executive, Police Radio and IRBn personnel on the basis of a tenure of 30 days. For the accommodation of the staff a semi RCC structure has been constructed at LOP Tillang Chang. A Gemini is also attached with LOP Tillang Chang for conducting sea patrolling in and around the island. For the purpose of communication staff is equipped with VHF/HF sets and a satellite phone.
  • PS Katchal
  • PS Teressa
  • OP Chowra [ ]
  •       Out Post at Chowra Island is situated about 13 NM North West from Teressa Island. It is accessible by boat and takes about 2 hours from Teressa. Pahan Hans inter-Island helicopter service is also available for Chowra Island twice in a weak on Monday AndTuesday.Out Post Chowra started functioning from 12/05/2015 under the jurisdiction of PS Teressa. Chowra is a small island having five villages namely Raiheon, Kuitasuk, Chongamong, Alheat and Taeela a population of approximate 1566 people. People of Chowra specialize in making pottery,canoes,ironspears,wooden chairs and baskets. Chowra OP functions from a newly constructed building having a reception lobby, I/C room, briefing hall, recreation hall, dining hall and barracks.
SDPO Campbellbay supervises the functioning of :
  • PS Campbellbay
  • OP Makachua [ ]
  •       Police OP Makachua was established in the year 2014 to prevent the intrusion of foreign poachers in Indian territorial waters.It is located at Little Nicobar Island, appox. 70 km from Campbell Bay in the northern direction approachable through sea only. The entire coast line of Little Nicobar Island is prone to approaches by foreign poachers. Regular surveillances in the coastal area are being carried out by the police with the help of PMF boat.This OP is functioning under the direct supervision of SHO P S Campbell Bay.Total population of Makachua is 133 and all of them are Nicobaritribals. People reside in 43 tsunami shelter and their livelihood are totally dependentupon coconut plantation and fishing. A speed boat of administration which sails twice a week to Makachuais the main mode of transportation between Campbell bay and Makachua.
  • OP Afra Bay [ ]
  •       Police OP Afra Bay was established in the year 2012 under the jurisdiction of P.S. Campbell Bay with an objective to prevent the intrusion of foreign poachers in Indian territorial waters.It is located at the northern tip of Great Nicobar Island, appox. 50 km far from Campbell bay in the northern direction and is approachable through sea only. The entire coast line under OP Afra Bay is prone to approaches to foreign poachers. Regular surveillance activities in the coastal area are being carried out by the police with the help of PMF boat. Total population of Afra Bay is 170 andis entirelyNicobari. People reside in 35 tsunami shelters and their livelihood is totally dependent on coconut plantation and fishing.A speed boat of administration which sails twice a week is the main mode of transportation between Campbell bay and Afra Bay.
  • OP Gandhi Nagar [ ]
  •       Police OP Gandhi Nagar was established in the year 2011 under the jurdiction of PS Campbell Bay in order to maintain law and order effectively in this area as it is far from PS Campbell Bay.It is located near Indra Point, the southernmost tip of India and isappox. 30 km from Campbell bay in the southern direction, approachable through both sea and road. Police OP Gandhi Nagar has a jurisdiction overthree revenue villages i.e. Gandhi Nagar, Shastri Nagar and Laxmi Nagar and having a Gram Panchayat at Laxminagar. Total population of this area is 660 andmost of the inhabitants are settlers from Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Maharashtra. The main livelihood of people of this area is agriculture and fishing. Regular Bus service is available between Campbell Bay and Gandhi Nagar which is run by STS department thrice a day.
In general, the crime rate is very low with just about 100 cases registered annually out of which only 24 are the IPC cases and the rest are cases relating to Local and Special Laws. Majority of cases relate to violation of excise regulation and PAT. The District is peaceful from the law & order point of view. Nicobar group of Islands consists of 22 Islands out of which 10 are uninhabited. Car Nicobar Island lies at the Northern limit and Great Nicobar is the Southernmost. The distance from Car Nicobar to Great Nicobar is 278 Km. District has a population of 36,189 and the total land area is 1841 Sq. Kms. The distance from Port Blair to Car Nicobar is 156 Nautical miles (281 Km approx.). Car Nicobar is the district headquarter. This Island has an area of about 100 Sq .Kms and the average height is 12 mtrs above sea level. The Islands are isolated and exposed to open sea. In almost all the inhabited Islands, Nicobaries are the predominant community (Tribes) except for Great Nicobar (C/Bay) where the non tribals are the majority.
Tribal Reserve Area :
All the Islands have been declared Tribal Reserve Area under Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Protection of Aboriginal Tribes) Regulation, 1956 with the exception of eastern coast of Great Nicobar, comprising 7 villages, which is non-reserve area, where 330 Ex/Servicemen families were settled under Accelerated development Programme of Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation in 1969-72. According to the Regulation, no non-tribal is permitted to carry on any business or acquire land in tribal reserve without permission of Lt. Governor. The violation of Andaman & Nicobar (Protection of Aboriginal Tribes) Regulation, is cognizable vide Sec. 9 and subsequent notification No. AN/PATR/9(1)/6 dated 6th May 1957. These offences form one of the major Crime in the Nicobar District.
Nicobar District PS's, OP's & LOP's List
S.No Name of Police Station’s Name of Out Post’s Name of LOP’s
1. Car Nicobar
2. Nancowrie
  • Tilongchoung
3. Katchal
4. Teressa
  • Chowra
5. Campbellbay
  • Machachua
  • Afra Bay
  • Gandhi Nagar
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