Car Nicobar Sub Division
The Car Nicobar Sub Division is consisting of four Police Stations i.e. Car Nicobar, Nancowrie, Katchal and Teressa, one Look out post Tilongchoung at PS Nancowrie and two Out Post one Sawai, Car Nicobar and Out Post Chowra at PS Teressa.

Car Nicobar Police Station
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Start Stop
  • On 31/08/16 a plantation drive carried by SI P.K Shivhare I/C PS Car Nicobar alongwith PS staff & Home Guard volunteers.
  • On 30/08/16 Swatch Bharat Abhiyan has been conducted at Children Park situated at Head quarter area by PS staff & Home Guard Volunteers.
  • On 06/08/16 a Mock Drill on “Terrorist Attack” was conducted at 09 hrs by the staff of PS Car Nicobar alongwith IRBn, Fire station, BJR Hospital & staff Forest Dept. under the supervision of SP(D)N C/N & SDPO Car Nicobar
  • Operation Dweep Suraksha has been organized from 26th to 28th July, 2016 and conducted search & combing operation with Forest Dept. & Village Task Force to ensure that there is no intruders in our jurisdiction.
  • Caution Pamphlet issued & affixed at prominent places drawing attention of fisherman.
  • Under Operation Muskan-II, an awareness drive was conducted on 27th July, 2016 at Kakana and Big Lapathy School & JNV, Sawai.
  • “Student Police Cadet” Training commenced from 08th July, 2016 in which 37 selected Students from NCC imparted training by Police Personnel at Malacca School.
  • Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan being organized on 23/07/16 at Children Park situated at Head Quarter area.
  • The Body Building Competition Mr. Carnic & Mr. Carnic Junior in collaboration with NAA has organized by Nicobar District Police on 15th July, 2016 at Priyadarshini Hall, Tamaloo.
  • From 26th to 30th June 2016, “International Drug Abuse Day” was conducted at Lapathy Community Hall.
  • On 20th June 2016 we have organized a “Summer Camp” during the 3rd week of June 2016 for the children of age group 12 yrs. to 18 yrs.
  • On 19th June 2016, Yoga camp was conducted in the PS from 0630 hrs. to 0830 hrs.
  • During the period, 6th to 11th June 2016 Awareness Drive on Safety was conducted by giving flowers to the road user/violators.
  • On 9th June 2016 Arms cleaning was conducted at PS Car Nicobar.
  • On 6th June 2016 on the eve of World Environment Day, sapling was planted in PS premises.
  • On 4th June 2016 Samraidhanik Chetaavni “that giving/selling of tobacco product to the children under 18 yrs. is a punishable offence” has been affixed on 20 shops in Car Nicobar.
  • On 15/01/16 and 16/01/16, Special drive has conducted in which violators of Traffic rules and regulations were Challaned under various sections of M.V Act and spread awareness of road safety as well.
  • On 17/01/16 at 1100 Hrs a Meeting with private driver of Car Nicobar in connection with “27th Road Safety Week 2016” was held in the office of the Superintendent of Police (D) Nicobar. The meeting has chaired by in charge PS Car Nicobar and 20 private drivers of Car Nicobar attended the meeting. I/C PS Car Nicobar welcomed all the drivers present in the meeting and highlighted the importance of Road Safety in minimizing road accidents. He further requested their co-operation to sensitize the people of Car Nicobar on the dangerous effects of ‘Over speeding’, ‘rash driving’, ‘drunken driving’ and other violation of traffic rules.
  • On 18/01/16 a bicycle rally has conducted in which more than 80 persons including children from various villages of Car Nicobar actively participated. The rally began from APWD Guesthouse (Headquarter) and finished at BJR Stadium Tamaloo village. Assistant Commissioner Car Nicobar Shri. Akhil Kumar and Secretary Tribal Council Shri. Martin Luther cheered the participants and flagged off the rally.
  • On 19/01/16 An Awareness programme on the subject “ Road Safety” was conducted at Big Lapathy Govt. Sr. Sec School Car Nicobar in which more than 100 students actively participated .
  • On 20/01/16 An Awareness programme on the subject “Road Safety” was conducted at Malacca/Kakana Govt. Sr. Sec School Car Nicobar in which more than 60 students actively participated.
  • On 21/01/16 An Awareness programme in connection with 27th “Road Safety week 2016” was conducted at perka Community Hall in which students from Malacca/kakana Govt. Sr. Sec. school, Big Lapathy Govt. sr. sec school, Sawai Govt. secondary school and Mus sec school participated. Superintendent of Police, Nicobar District Shri Deepak Yadav IPS was also present in the programme along with this PS staff. At first PSI Ashok Kumar Bagel welcomed the children and then delivered a lecture on the importance of Road Safety to minimize road accidents. Besides, efforts were made to sensitize the children on the dangerous effects of violation of safety measures and traffic rules & regulations. At the end SP(D)N interacted with children and asked to follow the safety measures and traffic rules & regulations to decrease in the rate of road accidents.
  • A cleanness drive was conducted on 05th March, 2016 at Gandhi Chowk involving all PS staff, SP(D)N Office, IRBn, Police Radio, Fire Brigade& Villagers of the Perka. During this exercise the entire area near Gandhi Chowk was cleaned and all the garbage was collected and disposed off.
About the Car Nicobar Police Station                      Phone No: 03193-265242
Police Station Car Nicobar is the oldest and the most important Police Station of Nicobar District. It is functioning in the Head Quarter area of Car Nicobar Island. The office of the Superintendent of Police, Nicobar District is also situated in the jurisdiction of this PS. OP Sawai is currently functioning under PS Car Nicobar.
Car Nicobar Island is situated between Little Andaman and Nancowry Island. Its area is 127 sq. km and is about 250 km from Port Blair. This Island is remarkably flat except for some cliffs in the North and small hilly areas in the interior. Car Nicobar is covered with coconut trees and has enchanting beaches. Nicobari tribes inhabit this island. The main source of their economy is coconut and Arecanut trade. This island is not open to tourists and a Tribal Pass is required under PAT Regulation to visit the island. Although the area of Car Nicobar is less than 7% of the area of Nicobar group but more than half of the population of entire Nicobar group, resides here i.e. 20,292 as per the 2011 census. This island has 15 villages viz. Mus, Kinmai, Small Lapathy, Big Lapathy, Tapoiming, Chukchucha, Kinyuka, Tamaloo, Perka, Malacca, Kakana, Kimious, Arong , Sawai, Tee-Top. Languages spoken are Nicobari & Hindi. Most of the population of Car Nicobar is Christian by religion though some Muslim population is present too.
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