Nicobar District - Info
Nicobar District was created in 1974 but for policing purposes this district was established in the year 1991 when office of the Superintendent of Police was created at Car Nicobar. Before 1991 a DySP used to look after the functioning of policing in Nicobar Islands.
Nicobar District: Facts
Total number of Islands 22
Total Area 1841Sq Km
Total Length 259 Km
Average Width 58 Km
Biggest Island of the District Great Nicobar Island (Area-1045Sq.Km)
Smallest Inhabited island of the District: Pillow Millow Island(Area-1.3 Sq. Km)
Southernmost Island Great Nicobar (about 160 Kms from Sumatra)
Northern Most Island Car Nicobar (120 Kms south from Little Andaman)
Highest Peak Mount Thullier (Great Nicobar Islands)-642m
Distance from Port Blair to Car Nicobar 278 Km
Contents are owned and maintained by Office of the Superintendent of Police, Nicobar District, Car Nicobar
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